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DataBlitz Videos - Day 1, Room 1

DataBlitz Videos - Day 1, Room 2

DataBlitz Videos - Day 2


I would like to start by thanking all the trainees for presenting their data at our DataBlitz. The presentations were of very high quality. It was a really successful event, and it achieved — at least for me — to build a sense of community. 

We had 29 presentations representing 25 labs.

I would also like to thank the judges, Lauren Atlas, Rachael Bosma, Iacopo Cioffi, Yenisel Cruz-Almeida, Patrick Finan, and Laura Stone, for their time and thoughtful comments. None of this would have been possible without them. 

I would also like to thank the sponsors: IASP, the Canadian Pain Society and QST-Lab.


1st place: Ishtiaq Mawla

University of Michigan, USA

PI: Richard Harris and Vitaly Napadow
Title: Greater Somatosensory Afference with Acupuncture Increases Primary Somatosensory Connectivity and alleviates Fibromyalgia Pain via Insular GABA

2nd place: Samantha Millard

University of Birmingham, UK

PI: Ali Mazaheri
Title: Predicting Post-operative Pain in Lung Cancer Patients using Pre-operative Peak Alpha Frequency

3rd place: Lewis Crawford

University of Sydney, Australia

PI: Luke Henderson
Title: Brainstem mechanisms of placebo and nocebo pain modulation


Honourable Mentions:

1. Joana Barroso, Northwestern University, USA. PI: Vania Apkarian

“Disruption of Brain’s Functional Hub Topology in Chronic Osteoarthritis Pain”


2. Claire Lunde, Boston Children’s Hospital, USA. PI: Eric Moulton
“Long-term impact of cerebellar mass resection on pain processing, and cognitive and emotional sequelae: mixed methodology"

Prizes sponsored by:

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