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The 2023 PAINtalks will be held November 2nd at 6:30 (EST) located at the Granby Zoo (Mumba Room) in Granby, QC, Canada. 
-To apply for the 2023 PAINtalks click here (deadline June 22)
-To register for the 2023 PAINtalks [either in person or online] click here (registration opens Sept 5)

PAINtalks is an event that features engaging talks focused on the topic of pain. This initiative, influenced by the format of the renowned TED-style presentations, offers a bilingual platform that is accessible to everyone at no cost. Individuals interested in sharing their research are encouraged to apply as speakers for the event.

The organizers of PAINtalks comprise a team consisting of students specializing in various disciplines such as radiation sciences and biomedical imaging, experimental surgery, rehabilitation sciences, virtual rehabilitation, health sciences, and psychology.

For more information on PAINtalks click here 

PAINtalks Feb 2023 - Georgia Hadjis (PhD)

Title: Prioritizing pain or daily tasks - Does value tip the scale?

Abstract: For some, pain makes it hard to perform well on daily tasks, but for others, it motivates them to perform better. My research proposes that we assign a subjective value to pain and to competing tasks, prioritizing the higher value option. The value of pain could become a target for future treatments.

Find the full video here

PAINtalks Jan 2022 - Lizbeth Ayoub (PhD Candidate)

Title: Is the hippocampus involved in pain experience?

Abstract: The brain region of the hippocampus is important for memory, but we don’t know its role in pain experience. Our research studies patients with damage to the hippocampus to determine their ability to detect and respond to pain. This could lead to new avenues for research in pain.  

Find the full video here

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